Ready, steady, go… Things 1 & 2

Thing 1: Blogs and Blogging

I set up my blog a couple of weeks ago when I first saw that the cpd23 was going to run, as I thought I would get used to WordPress before the course began in earnest.  I ran into a few minor hitches – choosing a theme took me longer than strictly necessary, and then came the dilemma of a photo.  Should it be library related, or something that reflected the inner workings of my personality?  In the end I went for a library related one – a photo I took on a recent tour of the Radcliffe Science Library in Oxford.  It’s not, for the most part, a very pretty building, but it did have a couple of photogenic rooms and I thought that this one looked suitably calm and peaceful.  I also successfully managed to link my Twitter feed to the blog, and created a Good Reads account because I was enticed by the the thought of a display of pretty book covers.  Sadly, the aesthetic considerations then came to an end and I had to start thinking of what to write!

I have already introduced myself and my motivations for doing the cpd23 course in my previous post.  I’ll just add here that now I’ve had a proper look at the cpd23 schedule, I am looking forward to the ‘getting involved’ weeks (Things 15 and 16), as I think they will crack me out of my comfort zone a bit.  I find it fairly easy to ramble away online, but it takes a lot more courage to turn up to real life groups, let alone volunteer to take on any responsibility!  I also think the ‘librarianship training options’ weeks (Things 10 and 11) will be useful, as they should hopefully be relevant to where I am in my career.

Thing 2: Investigate some other blogs

I ran into the problem with this quite quickly – the sheer number of new cpd23 blogs means that it’s impossible to read them all.  However, there are a few things I did to make it easier for myself.

1. I subscribed to ten or fifteen cpd23 blogs on my Google Reader, creating a new section to separate them from the more established library blogs.

2. I looked at the cpd23 Delicious list which gives handy tags to help you sort out which blogs to read.  For instance, you can pull out all the graduate trainees, or all the public librarians.

3. I followed other people doing cpd23 on Twitter, so their blog posts pop up on my feed and it reminds me to read them.  Most of them kindly followed me back, which hopefully means my blog posts reach a wider audience as well.

I made an effort to comment on the blogs – although at this stage the comments were along the lines of “Hello!  Welcome to cpd23, your blog looks awesome.”  Still, I very much appreciated getting comments on my first blog post – it made it feel less as though I had been shouting into the wilderness, and so I hope my comments had the same effect.

Here are some blogs that I suggest you investigate too:

Happy blogging everyone!

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  1. Thanks for recommending me! (bexwithoutspex) I look forward to reading the rest of your ramblings

    • libraryem

       /  May 15, 2012

      Thanks! I have to admit that the main reasons for recommending you were that you volunteered in the Women’s Library, which sounds great, and that you’re one of the rare breed of non-cat loving librarians (me too). Good luck with the rest of the course 🙂

  2. Obligatory “blog looks awesome” comment… Sorry I’m not more imaginative (yet) but I’m following you so I look forward to continue reading!

  3. Pearl Daniel

     /  May 17, 2012

    Your Blog name caught my eye and I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I am new to all this but count me in with the followers.


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